I am a Family Systemic Psychotherapist accredited by the UK Council for Psychotherapy and a member of the Association of Family Therapy. I am also co-founder of the ‘Communities of Practice’ initiative at the Institute of Family therapy and a member of WCEN Muslim Leadership Network which offers systemic training and therapy to faith communities in south London, and a member of the Muslim Counsellor and Psychotherapist Network (MCAPN).

My core values as a human being and therapist are drawn from the Islamic tradition:

“We have honoured the Children of Adam and carried them on land and sea, and provided them with good things, and preferred them greatly over many of those We created.” (17:70)

As a therapist, this verse reminds me of mankind’s nobility and innate disposition which I seek in my client’s words and actions and through which I can benefit by joining the family system and being part of that therapeutic relationship. Islam’s spiritual tradition which encourages a balance of inward reflection and purification together with familial and community cohesion and service:

“The Muslim is someone who trusts, promises safety to his surrounding, and possess interrelated colourful differences in harmony. He evaluates based on his contributions to the well beings of others. His concentration is always on ‘We’ rather than ‘I’.” (Mansurov, 2016)

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