Individual Work

I work on a one-to-one basis with you in a safe and confidential space to explore your goals and any changes you want to make and sustain

Couple Work (Deeper Intimacy & Connection)

I provide couples experiencing difficulties in their relationships with a safe and confidential space to explore their issues. Whether it’s helping new couples navigate their relationship dynamic or supporting established couples looking for ways to salvage their relationship.

Additionally, I support couples looking for assistance in ending their relationship amicably.

Surviving Divorce

This area is one that is very personal to me, having gone through a divorce myself. I can appreciate the pain caused by separations, particularly when children are involved, and the challenges that can occur when dealing with this alone.

If you are dealing with a divorce and need help or guidance, I will happily support you through the process of recovery and healing.

Family Systemic Psychotherapy (Improved Communication)

Once you have contacted me, we will arrange an appointment for an initial assessment followed by a discussion and contract/agreement that will determine the number of tailormade sessions you will require, including reviews built-in for any long-term therapy. This is dependent on each individual’s or organisation’s circumstances and needs.

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